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As it may seem Boxing Evolution (BE) is not just about teaching Boxing skills. In the title is also the word Evolution. The Evolution part of the title refers to developing the self in terms of physical, mental and emotional progression, achieving success and living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life in general.


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Boxing skills fundamentals

Learn all the important fundamental basics of boxing to start you off on the winning foot.

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Zero to Hero

Transform yourself from a couch potato into a lean mean fighting machine who is physically ready for a boxing fight in just 12 weeks.

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Nutrition 101

Your step by step nutrition guide for tailoring your meals to meet your specific dietary requirements. The course comes with 12 delicious recipe packs suitable for every taste and every season.

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Meet Your Coach

I’m Matt Flavell, the founder of Boxing Evolution, where for over 15 years, I’ve dedicated myself to reshaping 1000’s of people’s lives helping them reach their full potential, through the power of boxing, underpinned by teaching the psychology of success and mentorship. 

The following is the story about my personal journey, one that intertwines my coaching experiences, my deep involvement in boxing and martial arts, and a personal voyage of self-discovery born from challenging life circumstances that I ultimately overcame to achieve success. 

Boxing Evolution TV

Check out all the videos from Boxing Evolution’s very own Youtube channel, to include interviews with top boxer’s, boxing skills and top training tips.