Case study – Craig

Craig was a young man aged 15 who had not been in education for over 2 years. He regularly suffered from explosive episodes of rage, smoked cannabis and was involved in low level drug dealing with county lines. As a child he was the unfortunate witness to domestic abuse and due to this had very […]

Case study – Garry and James

Garry and James were two young males aged 15 who were attending a small alternative provision. Due to the small size of the school, they tended to mainly only interact with each other when at the school, and attended the same lessons.  I worked with both of them for the period of 4 months offering […]

Case study – Sean

Sean who was at a young man aged 15 who was on the brink of being expelled from his school for consistent disruptive behaviour including rudeness and aggression to teaching staff. He also had mild involvement in drug dealing and regularly smoked cannabis.