Building the motivation – Understanding your why

So now I would like you to do 2 different mental exercises.
1 – What it is that you are not happy about with yourself at the moment and why it is holding you back?

Do you feel self conscious in social settings because you are overweight?

Do you not feel attractive to the opposite sex?

Do you lack confidence in putting your needs first?

Do you suffer a lot of health problems?

List as many reasons as possible
2 – What would your life be like if you lost the weight and got in good physical shape?

How would you feel?

How would your life be different?

What could you go and do that you can not do at the moment?
I really want you to get a clear image in your head of how your life could be better. Not only do I want you to get a clear image in your head but I also want you to tell yourself that it is actually possible.

That you WILL achieve the goals you have set and WILL be living the life you want.
It is very important because this is going to be the inspiration and the desire that provides the motivation for you to start the process of making those changes and the fuel to keep you going through the tough times.
I would like you to think of this process as one of a physical mental and emotional metamorphosis from your previous self (the caterpillar) to the new improved glorious version of yourself (the butterfly).
The important thing to note however is that if you engage wholeheartedly with this part of the process, the rest will follow behind it naturally.
There is nothing magical about weight loss or weight gain. Boxers do it all the time. Bodybuilders do it all the time. Once you have the end in sight, you simply plot the route that takes you there.
Now that you have this strong vision of what your life is going to be like when you achieve your dream body, lets get started in the next lesson!