Fight camp week 1

In terms of getting fit it is crucial to understand the manner in which the different energy systems work together in order to get the best results.

Underpinning all 3 of the different energy systems is the cardio-vascular system as it is this system which literally supplies the oxygen to the muscles and removes the waste carbon-dioxide.
Due to this fact the other 2 energy systems can only function at a rate which the cardio-vascular system can support. It is therefore almost counter-productive in terms of improving fitness to focus too much on the anaerobic and Pcr-ATP energy systems before developing the aerobic energy system.

For this reason when starting on a fitness plan it is most effective to begin by building up a good cardio base first.
This is not to say that exercises that work the other energy systems cannot be included but should be done so in moderation.

Overdoing it these other areas can lead to longer recovery times and overall impact the total time it takes to get fit.

It is also very important to have a good workout plan that works different energy systems on different days and factors in plenty of time for recovery.
A sample 12 week workout plan is provided with this course.
When it comes to getting fit the final aspect is ensuring that you maintain consistency as fitness is lost far quicker than it is gained.