Cardio and strength workout – week 3

For this weeks 1st cardio workout I am going to give you 2 choices.
1.) 30 minute killer cardio kickboxing workout (or other 30 minute cardio/martial arts workout).
To access this please go to the video on demand (VOD) section of the app and go to the ‘Martial arts’ category. Select the ’30 minute killer cardio kickboxing’ workout, press play and enjoy the workout.
2.) 30 minute steady state cardio
This can be either a jog/walk (ideally jog but walk parts if you need to) for 3o minutes. If you choose this option please make sure you log it on the app to ensure your calorie burn is recorded.
Strength workout
For the strength workout please select Strength workout A on the app and complete after you have completed your cardio.