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About the Boxing Evolution logo

There is actually purpose and meaning behind the design of the B.E anime logo.

The most obvious and noticeable aspect is the male anime character wearing boxing gloves and striking a boxing pose with right arm in a punching motion coming towards the observer.

The reason for using an anime character is because anime is a media form that consists of an idea story-telling mechanism, combining graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other forms of imaginative and individualistic techniques.

Being hand-drawn, anime is separated from reality by a crucial gap of fiction that provides an ideal pathway for escapism. Audiences can immerse themselves into the stories with relative ease allowing for more subjective concepts to be demonstrated and understood than is possible with traditional film making methods. Anime truly allows for activation and exploration of the imagination, opening the mind up to new previously unconsidered thought processes.

What does not need to be explained is why the character is wearing boxing gloves as a crucial aspect of B.E is the boxing element. Boxing provides the basis for much of the physical, mental and emotional development. The punching motion of the glove towards the observer is symbolic of the metaphorical ‘punch’ or ‘whack’ of having the uncomfortable truth thrust upon you by embarking on the specially designed B.E full potential course.

It also is a metaphor for the willingness to ‘fight’ the physical, emotional and psychological battles that lay ahead on this personal journey of self exploration.

The boxing glove itself has the letters ‘B.E’ which is an abbreviation of ‘Boxing Evolution’. B.E is also intended as a double entendre with the letters ‘BE’ meaning that the aim of the course is to literally become and BE the best version of yourself. The letters are in diamonds because when you fully embrace and become the best version of yourself you will become a diamond in your own right!

The characters body is toned showing the full potential of muscular development possible in the male human body. The lower half of the character morphs into a DNA helix symbolising the dormant DNA strands within the body that become activated when new requirements are placed upon the body and mind.

The beams of light shooting up from the bottom of the character symbolise the new ‘enlightened’ energy that will come into your life helping to power the transformation of positive change.

The left eye contains what is known as a ‘Sharingan’ which is a theme taken from the anime series ‘Naruto’. The series is about different Ninja clans with different special abilities. Those with the ‘Sharigan’ have the ability to gain special insight into themselves and others, something which is developed taking part in the B.E course. It is also symbolic of the fact that everyone has their unique talents and gifts which once recognised and developed lead a person to truly developing their full potential. The course is also about discovering and accepting one’s weaknesses, in order than one might improve and make them stronger too.

Behind the Anime character are 2 red arrows pointing in an upwards direction symbolising the upwards trajectory of the persons energy and development. One of the arrows has the shape of part of an arrow head missing out of it which is a way of portraying the unseen forces at work that play a part in a person’s development. This can also be thought of as the ‘negative’ energy that is just as important in life as ‘positive’ energy. A similar analogy can thought of as in regards to the ‘Ying Yang’ or Dark matter that binds together the universe.

When a symbol is consciously understood and placed within visible site of a person that symbol with actively influence the subconscious mind of that person.

By wearing clothing with the symbolism of positive change, a person will inevitably become more motivated and likely to achieve success when it comes to reaching their personal goals and aspirations.

The process of personal change and transformation is by no means an easy feat so B.E intends to help you in this process by providing as many aids as possible, with one of them being the B.E anime logo.

I hope this has been a positive insight into the design and will inspire you to keep progressing on your journey into the light.

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