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What is the meaning of #beawarrior

Since time began there have been a class of people known as ‘warriors’. These warriors were the ones that protected their villages from outside aggressors and ensured they all remained safe in times of danger.

Warriors were often known for their immense physical conditioning which was needed to be able to fulfil their role as protector of their communities. Warriors were also highly trained in combat skills whether it was hand to hand combat or that involving the use of weaponry. Warriors would be the ones that put their lives on the line in order to fulfil their duties.

For this very reason a warrior would not just need to develop advanced physical abilities but would also need to develop advanced psychological attributes that would enable them to face the trials that faced them. Warriors were disciplined both internally and externally for without this failure could be certain.

They developed acute mental focus to keep their goals in mind consistently. They developed an attitude of persistence, facing difficulty, pain, discomfort, discouragement, fear and the prospect of failure and utter doom without quitting.

In fact it could be said that these psychological attributes are the very things that would make them ‘warriors’ as opposed to the physical attributes, for a strong well conditioned person without the courage to stand and fight or the determination to see battles through to the end would be of use to nobody. It is the internal development that made them who they are.

It is this ‘internal’ development that the term ‘be a warrior’ is actually referring to.

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Why be a warrior in the 21st century?

In modern day civilised society today we do not have to worry about fighting opposing tribes to defend our village but that does not mean we do not face our very own personal battles on an everyday basis.

Today we face challenges such as earning enough money to make ends meet, overcoming things such as alcohol and drugs use or addiction, physical health problems such as obesity and mental health problem such a depression or anger issues.

There may other situations caused by other people such as physical assault or bullying. All of these things are things that hold us back from being truly happy and stand in the way of us achieving our goal.

The term ‘BE A WARRIOR’ then in this instance is about developing a mindset and attitude known as ‘Resilience’ to overcome whatever it may be that is standing in our way. It is about choosing to face the pain of change and developing the will to fight back instead of succumbing to whatever it is that wants to hold us down.

On the deepest level it is about fighting the personal conflicts that arise in our head, not letting fear control us and resisting the temptations that we know are no good for us.

Developing the warrior mindset with Boxing Evolution

The best way to gain an understanding about the different principles of having a warrior mindset is through experiential understanding. The easiest way to start is through physical activity. For example concepts such as mental strength can best be understood when maintaining a difficult posture such as the plank and not giving in, whilst the temptation to drop to the floor is ever present. Over time not only will the physical body get stronger but so also will the tolerance to the pain and the determination to continue. Like muscles these are things that get stronger with training.

Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation and will power to develop these things on your own, so having someone to offer guidance and push you often helps get the ball rolling.

Boxing Evolution offers a range of different services to include one to one coaching, online coaching, mentoring and workshops.