Boxing Evolution Alternate provision

For schools and other youth service organisations

About the service

Boxing Evolution’s alternate provision is based in the Berkshire area and mainly operates in Maidenhead and Slough. The provision is aimed at providing its services to schools and other local authority agencies such a Youth offending teams to provide the 12 week ‘B.E A WARRIOR’ intervention program that combines boxing coaching, mentoring and engagement with education. The service works predominantly with teenage males who are at risk of exclusion or offending, or those that have already offended, but will work with anyone that we think can benefit from it.

The reason for working predominantly with teenage males is that there is currently a large proportion of young men growing up who have little or no contact with positive male role models. This is also one of the major contributing factors behind the current epidemic of knife crime in the U.K at the moment. 

Research has shown that young men growing up without the guidance of positive male role models are much more likely to end up being involved with crime, taking drugs, suffer from problems such as emotional dysregulation and mental health issues such as depression and are more likely to commit suicide. 

They are also generally far less successful in their careers and family life. It is incredibly important for young men growing up to have positive male role models who can guide them through all the obstacles that becoming a man entails so they can develop into physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and successful adults.

The B.E a warrIor program

The main aim of the B.E A Warrior program is to develop young people socially and emotionally with a strong emphasis on building and maintaining physical and mental health.  A core focus for this will be on building resilience and developing emotional intelligence with a warrior mindset.

Read more about the ‘Warrior mindset’ by clicking here.

What is resiliance and why is it important?

There may be times or situations in our lives that are more difficult than others. The capacity to stay mentally well during those times is what we call ‘resilience’. Resilience is not simply a person’s ability to ‘bounce back’, but their capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining a stable mental well being. 

Resilience is something that can be taught and learned, and the elements that build resilience can be introduced into everyday life and is at the very core of maintaining mental and emotional health. It provides the very foundation that is needed in order to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life.


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Sessions are primarily based around learning boxing, improving fitness and healthy eating. The boxing training is the predominant method used for self development and is based around the Boxing Evolution Junior methodology. 


Mentoring is essentially about helping people to develop more effectively. It describes a relationship in which a more experienced person uses their knowledge and understanding to support the development of the less experienced person.

Engagement with Education

Engagement with education involves applying a modern understanding around the different reasons that cause a young person to disengage from learning. Boxing Evolution also works with the school to help them deliver more effective strategies for managing young people.

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