Boxing Evolution About Us

As it may seem Boxing Evolution (BE) is not just about teaching Boxing skills. In the title is also the word ‘Evolution’. The Evolution part of the title refers to developing the self in terms of physical, mental and emotional progression, achieving success and living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life in general.

Boxing Evolution is about developing your full potential as a human being. Whilst a humans’ physical potential is largely understood by the majority of people, one area that is less commonly understood is that of emotional development. This is in actual fact the key main area that holds people back so it is this that Boxing Evolution focuses on.

There has recently been a lot of academic research into the area of emotional development, in particular by a renowned psychologist by the name of Daniel Goleman. Goleman coined the phrase ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (E.Q). It has been discovered that E.Q is a bigger determining factor of success than simply having a high I.Q, which is the traditional understanding of intelligence. For more information about E.Q please click here.

The reason that boxing is used for this development is that it interacts and develops a person on all 3 levels of their being but in particular, the training involved is incredibly good at developing a person emotionally. Taking part in the boxing training combined with the right guidance is an incredibly powerful tool for developing a person’s E.Q. The methods used by BE instil a high level of self awareness and understanding to enable a person to make the changes they want to their life through practical examples and experience.

During the boxing and fitness sessions a person will have to deal with areas such as:

  • Fear and courage
  • Discipline and motivation
  • Self control including anger management
  • Pain tolerance
  • Confidence and Self Belief
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Persistence and determination 
  • Not giving up, learning from failure

By taking part in the boxing they will gain a first hand experiential understanding of these concepts which can then be further discussed and analysed.

Through a combined approach of physical boxing and fitness training along with emotional mentoring Boxing Evolution endeavours to provide people with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive in life. 

The other aspect of developing emotionally is in being able to first identify and then heal from any trauma that may be present. Through the mentoring process this may be achieved and the person then referred on to the necessary specialist for further assistance.

BE has worked with a number of schools and organisations such as the Youth offending team and the Princes trust. BE has a lot of experience working in the following areas:

  • Health and fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Conflict management 
  • Self defence
  • ADHD
  • Personality disorders
  • Anger Management
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment issues
  • Bullying prevention
  • Developmental trauma
  • Youth offending


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