Adam Azim – How his successful boxing career started with Boxing Evolution

Adam Azim who is a professional boxer aged 20 from Slough who is hailed as an amazing future talent by many boxing pundits. Adam is currently the European super lightweight title.

This is great news for Boxing Evolution coaching as Adam Azim first started boxing aged 7 when he attended the Boxing Evolution summer camp.

His Dad initially wanted Adam to get involved with boxing because he had so much excess energy due to having ADHD. ‘I was really hyperactive as a kid and dad wanted me to be a boxer because I was so enthusiastic,’ Adam recalls. ‘I had ADHD and needed something to drain my energy, so we went to the local boxing gym and started from there.’ as Adam tells the Daily Mail.

During his time at the Boxing Evolution summer camp, Adam learnt all of the important basics of boxing and he also completed the A.B.A boxing award scheme.

Adam then continued on a one to one basis with Boxing Evolution coaching for a number of years during which time he progressed to an extremely advanced level for his age.

Check out Adam’s improvement in sparring over a period of only 4 months after being coached by Matt Flavell at Boxing Evolution in the video below.

Here is Adam Azim aged 8 years old with Boxing Coach Matt Flavell taking him on the pads, developing his head movement and footwork where you can see clearly how far he had progressed from when he began.

Here he is working on advanced boxing technique drills to include head movement such as slipping and rolling combined with footwork such as side stepping, pivoting and jumping check hooks.

Here is Adam Azim playing the skipping game ‘follow my leader’ which is one of the many methods used to make training fun and engaging for kids.

As part of Adam Azim’s plan for development Boxing Evolution also arranged for additional experiences to help inspire Adam. This would include things such as inviting him to the gym to watch professionals train and even coming along to watch them in action at their fights.

Here you can see Adam Azim aged 8 with the extremely talented and former Prize Fighter champion ‘Yassine Elmaachi’ back stage in the changing rooms after winning his fight by knockout.

Having been provided with a great start equipped with strong foundations and many additional skills Adam Azim then joined an amateur boxing club and went on to enjoy a decorated amateur career that included 10 national titles and was ranked the No 1 Youth Amateur welterweight in the world.

In regards to Adam Azim’s time with Boxing Evolution boxing coach Matt Flavell said

‘Adam showed incredible natural talent and was extremely game for such a young lad. He was regularly sparring kids 2-3 years older than him and his ability to learn and develop skills extremely quickly was very unique. You could notice the difference in ability from others his age very early on’.

It is incredibly important to develop these important and fundamental skills from a young age to ensure unconscious competence later on. All of these skills are built upon the foundations of stance, guard, footwork and punch technique. If these basics are not developed properly there will be weaknesses in any techniques built upon them.

Adam is now currently being trained by Shane McGuigan. Commenting recently Shane has said,

“I think he’s going to go right to the top. I think he’s going to win world titles and do huge things for British boxing. Everyone has to get behind him.”

Adam is truly a testament to the Boxing Evolution Junior philosophy of training young people to develop their full potential and how much sports such as boxing can help with neurological divergence issues such as ADHD.

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