Adel was initially referred due to having low self esteem, a poor self body image and suffering anxiety. Over the period of 12 weeks she made massive steps forwards in terms of being able to manage her emotions and be willing to step out of her comfort zone.

Initially the anxiety she felt when a class was using the gym was so great that she would not even enter the gym and got noticeably upset or if other young people came into the gym she would leave. The stress also appeared to cause a migraines on numerous occasions.

The mentoring process taken for overcoming this challenge
The first step in mentoring around this involved talking about rational vs irrational fears, and getting her to see the negative impact that allowing her anxiety to control what she did in her life. This was followed talking about comfort zones and learning to step outside of them in order to be able of achieving and experiencing more in life.

Finally we addressed some of the root causes of the anxiety, which was based around being laughed at and feeling self conscious, and re-framed that to others potentially being impressed at seeing her train to not even paying attention due to focussing on themselves.

The action plan began with her just entering the gym and using some equipment such as a bike, which enabled her to adjust to the environment but not draw attention to herself.

Over time this was built up to her doing more different types of training, with the aim of her doing the full solo workout, including boxing pad work, punch bag and circuits in front of everyone by the end.

Over time she grew more and more comfortable and less self conscious and in a relatively short space of time her confidence grew and apprehension minimalised.

She also passed her ABA boxing award scheme, and has stated that her new found confidence has helped massively with any social anxiety she may feel around activities in lessons that involve attention being on her.

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