Craig was a young man aged 15 who had not been in education for over 2 years. He regularly suffered from explosive episodes of rage, smoked cannabis and was involved in low level drug dealing with county lines.

As a child he was the unfortunate witness to domestic abuse and due to this had very little contact with his biological father. There were also issues involving his mother that centered around her own personal boundaries of what she would tolerate in terms of his behaviour in the house and from Craig towards herself. 

Over the period of 8 months I performed boxing coaching, mentoring and engagement with education sessions. 

During this time he stopped smoking cannabis. Craig also decided that he no longer wanted to sell drugs and stopped hanging around with the others who were involved in it. I helped him find the direction he wanted to head in life (which was car mechanics) and managed to convince him to go back to school. 

I initially assisted Craig with getting back into learning and part of that involved attending school with him so that he could cope. 

Due to his school being in a different county I would drive him to school as he would not get in a taxi due to anxiety. He also would only attend if I was with him. He even referred to me as his ‘Dad’ on one occasion which shows the level of trust that was built up between us, however I was quick to correct him on regarding the appropriate boundaries and informed him to think of me more as a mentor.

I also did a lot of work with Craig around managing his anger and ways to overcome his anxiety around going to new places and meeting new people. Overtime there was a vast reduction in emotional outbursts and he became a lot more outgoing in his demeanor..

Craig managed to gain his foundation GCSE’s in Maths and English and has now gone on to college.

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