Timmy was initially referred due to having poor anger management skills and would often let himself get wound up to the point of reacting with physical aggression.

Over the period of 12 weeks through boxing training and mentoring around conflict management, these incidents dropped to zero.

The training sessions involved working with him around learning to develop tolerance to discomfort and worked on developing mental strength when performing certain exercises that required a lot of will power to not stop doing. The aim of this being to improve his ability to control himself when he could feel himself getting angry which requires a lot of willpower.

During the mentoring aspect of the sessions, we covered various activities around identifying potential triggers that could make him angry, and strategies learning to become more mindful about when his anger level was rising, in order that he be able to remove himself from potential situations before they escalated.

We also played numerous games of Chess, which taught learning to think strategically and related that as a metaphor for the choices he would make in life.

Timmy was also motivated to engage well with the sessions due to wanting to succeed with his local football team try outs.

Timmy successfully completed the 12 week program and completed his Bronze level ABA boxing awards.

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