Matt Flavell who runs Boxing Evolution coaching features in a new documentary on attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

The documentary follows Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson as he is tested for ADHD and try to discover more about the condition in the hope of understanding how it impacts personal relationships and how ADHD is managed.

Sam Thompson tries boxing to help manage ADHD with coach Matt Flavell for his new documentary on E4, Is this ADHD?

Matt who is based in Maidenhead in Berkshire and has been diagnosed with ADHD himself, was filmed for the documentary last year. Matt currently works with many young people through his alternate education provision helping them to become successful, and appears in the show as an expert to talk about how boxing coaching and mentoring can really help people manage some of the many challenges ADHD provides more effectively.

During his meeting with Sam, Matt puts him through his paces with a boxing training session, and then sits down for an informal chat about how boxing helps with ADHD and the many challenges it presents, along with strategies he has personally found to be useful. He also talks with Sam about how important it is for younger people to have positive mentors in their life to help guide them  as they grow up.

Matt said: “It was a privilege to be asked to feature in the documentary as part of Sam’s journey to understand ADHD. There are at least an estimated 2.6million people in the UK who have ADHD, a recognised form of neurodivergence, but it still carries a stigma. It’s brilliant that Sam is shining a spotlight on ADHD and his challenges and strengths and through this documentary.”

Talking about the documentary, Sam said: “This documentary is the most vulnerable I’ve felt in front of the camera, as I wanted to be totally open about how I react to people in situations, and whether these could be linked to ADHD.

“It has been an incredible and, at times, scary experience, but by exploring what’s been going on inside my head, I hope people can see that we should be more understanding before judging others. I also want to encourage people to learn more about themselves and be proud of everything that makes them unique.”

Caroline Davies, Director of Programmes at South Shore, the company who have produced the documentary for E4, said: “As awareness of ADHD rockets on social media we’re really proud to be exploring the subject with Sam; whilst also giving the E4 audience a new perspective on his life in London.”

The documentary is called Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD? and will be broadcast on E4 on Monday 8 May at 9pm.

Check out Matt taking Sam Thompson on the punch pads as part of his boxing session in the video below.

For more information on how boxing can help with ADHD please click here.

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