The ABA Boxing Awards is a fun recreational activity which involves teaching the basics of non contact amateur boxing, such as stance /guard and footwork also all the related punches and defences, each lesson is well structured, which includes joint mobility, 1st phase warm up and stretch, fun and games prior to the non contact boxing lesson and of course a cool down and flexibility session at the end of the session.

The sessions also cover the rules and history of boxing, physiology of the body (muscles and bones) and nutrition.

The ABA Boxing Awards are designed as a 5 award scheme package, with the awards being Preliminary, Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each award lasts a total of 8 sessions, each session approx 45 minutes. On successful completion of each award there are ABA of England Certificate’s that are presented as a recognition of the achievement.

Medals can also be presented upon completing bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.

Each student has a booklet to follow for each level of the awards, the booklet contains information and exercise questions which they need to complete in order to pass the award.

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