The reason why boxing and martial arts are more beneficial than simply going to an ordinary fitness gym!

For many people, having a plan to either get fit or lose weight usually results in them going down to their local ‘traditional’ fitness gym and signing up to whatever membership plan they offer. More often than not they will attend the gym only a few times, which will consist of them having a quick run on the treadmill or cross-trainer then doing some reps on a few of the machines before deciding they are bored, and head back to the changing rooms.

The trouble with ‘traditional’ fitness gyms is that often tend to be very uninspiring. Whilst there is no denial that results can be gained from effective and correct use of the equipment found in them, simply doing fitness for the sake of fitness can be very boring and there is often little noticeable progression for a period of time which is not very rewarding.

One of major key factors to gaining good results from training is CONSISTENCY. Without consistency any gains that are attained very quickly diminish thus leading to the person feeling like they are never really getting anywhere which further decreases motivation.

This now leads me on to the reason why taking up a sport such as boxing or another martial art such as Brazilian jiujitsu are more beneficial for getting the results you want and adding motivation to keep training.

Learning a skill and developing fitness through stealth
This is actually the key difference when it comes to achieving that level of consistency that is needed to improve your fitness goals. When participating in boxing or a martial art you are actually learning SKILLS which engage the mind and can be developed on.

This means the person feels like they are learning something every time they attend a session and not only that they also have real time feedback of what they need to work on and develop in order to improve.  Simultaneously because of this fact missing out on a session makes a person feel as if they are missing out on development which leads them to feel more compelled to attend regularly.

Not only is a skill being learnt during the session but as a direct result fitness is improved. Simply the act of practising throwing punches and kicks develops fitness in itself, whilst giving the person something to concentrate on. This method of ‘stealth’ fitness means the person is not concentrating on getting fit but on improving their technique meaning that they do not get that feeling of boredom.

The desire to improve your skills also means that you are more likely to take it upon yourself to go the gym and train so that you can improve furthermore, whether this means hitting the bags or strength and conditioning to improve your power etc.

When you attend a boxing or martial arts class you not training by yourself but as part of group which means that you get to meet new people and have someone to interact with whilst you do your training.

Training with other people is good because you encourage one another to work harder and are able to judge your level of ability to that of those that are more advanced than you giving you something to aim for. There can also be the small element competition between you and those that are at a similar level causing you to want to further progress to not fall behind them.

Along with making training sessions more sociable there is also the fact that you become part of a community. There will be outside of training activities that you can all attend together such as going to events competitions together which only adds more colour to your life.

Mental development
Participating in boxing or martial arts is not only great for physical develop but mental development too. Having the ability to defend yourself is great for improving confidence and other things such as the discipline and self control that is learnt enable you to make great changes in all other aspects of your life.

Participating in boxing or martial arts is most importantly fun and takes the tedium of keeping fit. Every session will be looked forward to rather than dreaded and greatly increases the likelihood that you will maintain consistency.

Tournaments and competitions
As with any sport that is the opportunity to take part in tournaments and competitions to test yourself out against other people and see how well you have developed. This gives you something to work towards and if you know you are going to be competing you are going to be pushing yourself a lot hard than you would normally otherwise.

Winning trophies or medals from competing is incredibly great for building self esteem and givng a person a sense of achievement.

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