Motivation is like a muscle, It needs repeat training

Empowered motivation has a positive contribution in helping you achieve what you really want. How hard do you push yourself to get motivated? Aiming to do something and motivating yourself are two different forces of upkeeps.

Motivation is what keeps us going despite hurdles and obstruction coming our way. It’s the internal drive to develop, produce, achieve and keep moving forward. When you are close to quitting your aim, you just need some motivation. Motivation is like a muscle; you need regular exercise to strengthen it.

How well motivated are you now? Motivation increases your productivity. It guarantees a path of success. Here are seven steps to maintain your motivation. It simplifies the ambiguous task of regular self-motivation.

Let’s follow:

Step 1: Set small and measurable goals (small goals are achieved within a short period, therefore offering a strong motivation itself)

Step 2:  Develop a mantra (statement that resonates you)

Step 3: Commit publicly (share with your friends for increased support)

Step 4: Create your own routine and rituals

Step 5: Be a good mental debater

Step 6: See your goals literally

Step 7: Face your fears

Motivation is an objective, and mental will is a muscle that requires an exercise just like the body muscles do.

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