How to Run Longer and/or Faster (Tips)

Usain Bolt makes sprinting look easy. There’s good news though: there is a way you can keep yourself top every athletic performance. Many factors help you be a good runner; it’s not all about speed and agility. However, you need to build on your endurance and increase speed as an athlete.

Taking care of yourself as a runner doesn’t stop at stretching; it goes further, like eating a proper diet and wearing the right running shoes.

Tips to fun longer

Follow these tips to start clocking at faster speeds and also revamp your running routine.

·         Work out your baseline sped (the average minute per kilometer/mile pace)

·         Set a target time per kilometer or mile based on the race objectives

·         Choose to listen to music; listening to music makes you run up to 15% faster.

·         Make a habit of training faster, run faster and longer in your training to run faster and longer in actual races.

·         Be part of a running club; running as a team encourages consistency in your running tempo and style. Training with team members also makes you adapt to the group’s pace. This means that you can’t speed or slow down randomly. Consistency is king in any sport.


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