Too lazy to do cardio but want to burn fat: do this!

Cardio has been the most popular form of steady-state training for the last few years. Whether the goal is to lose weight or get fit, cardio is an essential component to an everyday workout program. But if you are too lazy and want to burn more fat in less time then there is a more […]

How to make exercise a habit (Tips for Starting and Sticking to it)

Making exercise the enjoyable part of your daily life is easier than you may think. These tips show you how. What keeps you exercising? You probably know that there are so many reasons you need to do some exercise. To emphasize, more exercise improves your body’s energy, improves sleep and moods, and also reduces anxiety, […]

How to Run Longer and/or Faster (Tips)

Usain Bolt makes sprinting look easy. There’s good news though: there is a way you can keep yourself top every athletic performance. Many factors help you be a good runner; it’s not all about speed and agility. However, you need to build on your endurance and increase speed as an athlete. Taking care of yourself […]

Free Weights vs Machines

There are more options than ever for exercise equipment. Even your average mid-sized gym has racks of free weights and some sea machines. However, in the battle of the free weights and machines, which option is better than the other? Head coach of Boxing Evolution, Matthew Flavell, recommends these options, depending on your goals. Goal: […]

Afterburn effect

The afterburn effect is also known as the oxygen debt. Its scientific name is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  By definition, the afterburn effect is the amount of oxygen required to bring the body functions back to a resting state. During intense exercises projected to burn body calories and keep the body fit, the metabolic rate […]