There are more options than ever for exercise equipment. Even your average mid-sized gym has racks of free weights and some sea machines.

However, in the battle of the free weights and machines, which option is better than the other?

Head coach of Boxing Evolution, Matthew Flavell, recommends these options, depending on your goals.

Goal: Overall health and fitness

Use: Free weights

Why: Free weights work more clusters of muscles, and it also trains your body to function in a way that you move your body each day.

Goal: Weight loss

Use: Free weights

Why: It moves more muscles at once; the harder it is to exercise the more calories are burnt.

Goal: Rehabilitate an injury or try accommodate the existing condition

Use: Machines

Why: Machines isolate specific group of muscles

Goal: Focus on one body part

Use: Free weights and Machines

Why: Alternating the two helps you in targeting a specific area like your shoulders. Free weights stabilize the muscles while the machines allow you to lift heavier weights to break down the muscle for more growth.

The Bottom Line

Both free weights and machines have a crucial role in your exercise regimen depending on your fitness objective. The golden rule is no matter the option you use, proper use is actually the key.

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